DeRUCCI Brings True Enjoyment of Sleep to New York City by Premium Mattress

DeRUCCI, China’s top-tier premium mattress brand, recently launched its flagship new product, Century Dream, in New York City. It is intended to take the sleeping experience to new heights of elegance and pleasure. It can effectively improve three key indicators of sleep compared to other mattresses: a 69.3% reduction in time required for falling asleep, a 45.2% reduction in turn-overs, and a 17% increase in deep-sleeping time, providing customers with a highly enjoyable sleeping experience. The product is completely authorized internationally, demonstrating DeRUCCI’s commitment to upholding the highest quality and excellence standards.

Sleeping quality is not only a medical concern but also a social issue. Mattresses play a critical role in the quality of one’s sleep and, ultimately, their overall health. In this context, DeRUCCI is proud to unveil its latest innovation in the sleep industry: the flagship new product. This mattress is an actual work of art in design and engineering, resulting from years of study and development by DeRUCCI’s top-tier team of experts. The company has been at the forefront of the high-end mattress market since its inception, consistently ranking as the top premium mattress brand in China for five consecutive years, taking up the largest share of the high-end mattress market.

“We are thrilled to introduce our flagship new product to the Big Apple and offer our customers the ultimate in sleep luxury,” said Sandy Wu, Store manager of DeRUCCI in NYC, “Our brand has a proven track record of success, and we are confident that our latest offering will set a new standard for quality and innovation in the sleep industry.”

The grand event has attracted media and social influencers, creating a surge of buy-outs from customers, including Instagram influencers @sarahpribis, @_queen.sav_, and @themamamaven. A long-time DeRUCCI customer shared at the event, “It was very interesting on the site, whether it was the “hardcore” sleep knowledge sharing or the pleasantly surprising new products. As a long-time user of DeRUCCI for many years, our entire family has entrusted our sleep issues to it. This new-century dream product once again shows DeRUCCI’s professionalism and strength as a “sleep expert” that targets specific problems.

Since its inception, DeRUCCI has kept its way of high-end strategy priced over the local brands, earning customers’ trust not only in China but also in Sydney, Vancouver, and numerous global hubs. DeRUCCI’s success can be attributed to its long vision of building a global brand and technological innovation from international experts, resonating with consumers worldwide. The company’s rapid business scale and profitability have established a model for the worldwide sleep industry, establishing it as a market leader.

DeRUCCI’s flagship new product will be available in select stores and online starting March 10th, 2023. For more information about DeRUCCI and its products, visit the website at or the flagship store at Skyview Center in Flushing, NYC.

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