SEO.CH AG announced that it is building the world’s largest crypto and financial backlink structure

SEO.CH AG is an SEO agency based out of Switzerland.

SEO.CH AG, a premier SEO agency in Switzerland, is proud to share a monumental leap forward in digital marketing. Under the astute leadership of CEO Babrak Rahimi and Head of Strategy Sandro Gübeli, SEO.CH AG has announced the world’s largest meta backlink structure, meticulously designed to cater to the financial and cryptocurrency sectors.

This innovative strategy involves the establishment of over 150 cutting-edge crypto and finance news websites, delivering content in German and English. These websites serve as authoritative hubs of real-time information within the fast-paced cryptocurrency and financial domains. Meticulously interlinked with relevant domains (.ch/.info/.com/.de/.org), this meta backlink structure guarantees unparalleled visibility for businesses operating in these sectors.

CEO Babrak Rahimi and Head of Strategy Sandro Gübeli have masterminded this remarkable initiative, revolutionizing the digital marketing landscape by seamlessly integrating content creation with an efficacious backlink structure. The strategy offers diverse backlink options, including banner advertising, video advertising, comments, and article submissions, providing clients with an all-encompassing approach to amplify their online presence and stimulate business growth. To implement the strategy, strong domains like,,,, and more are used, which alone are worth millions.

“A robust backlink strategy is the linchpin of success in an industry as dynamic as cryptocurrency and finance. CEO Babrak Rahimi and Head of Strategy Sandro Gübeli are at the vanguard of trailblazing solutions that empower our clients to flourish,” remarked the Head of Strategy Sandro Gübeli.

Founded in 2012, SEO.CH AG embarked on a mission to reshape the digital marketing landscape. With an unwavering commitment to innovation, global expansion, and strategic partnerships, the agency ensures the provision of cutting-edge solutions for clients operating in the cryptocurrency and financial sectors.

“At SEO.CH, our compass is set to innovation and excellence. Under the visionary leadership of CEO Babrak Rahimi and Head of Strategy Sandro Gübeli, our meta backlink structure is redefining the path to success for businesses in the digital age,” added CEO Babrak Rahimi.

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