Asplo Embarks on a Smart Factory Revolution with Miracom’s Nexplant MESplus

In a groundbreaking move for the semiconductor industry, Asplo, a pioneer in domesticating semiconductor piping components, has initiated a MES enhancement project with Miracom’s smart factory solution, Nexplant MESplus. This collaboration marks a significant step towards establishing a smart factory, leveraging advanced process-based management systems to amplify production efficiency and quality at Asplo’s Hwaseong plant.

The project, expected to span approximately 10 months, aims to implement an advanced part tracking system, elevate quality analysis, and facilitate real-time automation control across domestic and international plants. Asplo’s CEO, Kang Doo-hong, expressed aspirations for the company to evolve into a globally recognized component brand through this strategic MES and smart factory framework.


Asplo, celebrated for its innovation in high-purity material parts manufacturing for semiconductor and specialty gas lines, has been instrumental in achieving self-reliance for high-purity piping products previously imported. Since its inception in May 2000, Asplo has expanded its market share domestically and internationally, contributing significantly to the global semiconductor component sector.

The company’s dedication to replacing imported components with domestically produced ones has not only enhanced its competitive edge but also led to the expansion of its product lineup, including valves and regulators. Asplo’s core technologies—high-purity surface treatment, metal powder application, and precision machining—are the backbone of its commitment to maintaining market stability and expanding its product portfolio to include essential components for semiconductor manufacturing processes.


With a record performance in 2022, boasting a 50.6% increase in sales and a 162.5% surge in operating profit year-over-year, Asplo’s successful entry into the semiconductor and display equipment market signifies a new era of growth. The company’s diversification of client base and the upcoming supply to domestic semiconductor factories in the US highlight a promising future with substantial revenue potential and stable cash flow.

This strategic move not only underscores Asplo’s leading role in technological innovation but also positions it at the forefront of the smart factory revolution, setting new benchmarks for the semiconductor industry’s future.

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