Illuminate the emotion – Light effects the behaviour

Light, as one of the important elements in nature, is an objective substance. However, light is not just a substance, it also carries a wealth of information and displays special meaning in communication. Whether it is bright sunlight or weak light, they are capable of triggering emotional resonance and have an impact on people’s mood.

Shadows, as an expression of light, often suggest fear and mystery. By creating a degree of darkness, shadows outline an atmosphere of secrecy that is mysterious and unsettling. However, the faintness of light also serves its own unique purpose. Even in the darkness, faint light can show people the way and guide them along. The beauty of dawn and sunset always evokes deep emotion and empathy.

In fact, light has a significant impact on the way people perceive emotions. The intensity of light can directly affect people’s emotional state. By measuring people’s reactions in well-lit environments, researchers found that the stronger the light, the more intense the emotions. Some participants showed more aggressive behaviour in a more brightly lit environment. Thus, brighter environments tend to stimulate a stronger flow of emotions.

However, lighting won’t create new emotions itself; it only stimulates and reveals existing emotions. The presence of light combined with an increase in heat brings emotions to life. It is widely recognised that an increase in light goes hand in hand with an increase in temperature, that’s why people are more likely to engage in emotionally dominant activities in extremely bright environments.

At the same time, a relatively dim environment reduces mood swings and encourages the mind to make calmer, more rational judgements. People are more likely to remain sobriety and rational in a dimly lit background. In addition, steady light tends to exist only in the background, whereas flickering light immediately attracts our attention.

In summary, light plays an important role in nature as an objectively existing substance. However, light is not just a substance, it is also an ideal carrier of information and an expression of emotion. The intensity, brightness and stability of light will have an impact on people’s emotions and stimulate different emotions and resonance. Therefore, we should pay attention to the importance of light on people’s emotional perception and take it into account in lighting design to create a more comfortable and appropriate environment.

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