Fastywexoz008: The Speedy Reptilian, New Triple Agent’s Class of Matrix EArth

Multi-talented NFT Artist, Micka Freeman, nutty 008 professor, revolutionizing the world’s vision, energetics, parapsychology, physics, quantic and anthropology. Many theories were discussed around the squarish knights’ table, in this magic system.

“Born in 1983, in Europe’s Capital, Brussels, Belgium, I am Fastywexoz008 and began Art at age eleven, with my first Pentium’s computer, scanner and printer. Image-tampering softwares didn’t even exist, paintbrush was the only representative.

I discovered then, other talents, while I was studying my 4 spoken languages and occultism, palmistry, cartomancy and cristallomancy. I began to write and sing, making beats too and deejaying. The world of IT and security, became my passion too.”

“I liked to give joy to my friends, letting my divine comedy works. Vocal rhythm, intonations and facial expressions, have no secrets for me. Depression, I chased away”!

The brand’s name was found after understanding the Real human origins.

“We don’t come from the apes but from the dinosaurs, with our serpentine DNA helix, and human’s coccyx is called the snake tailbone. When enlightenment from Heaven strikes you, in our Matrix EArth, understanding this world is Paranormal and that all your dreams could be possible in reality, you’re neither a simple pawn anymore nor a looking rook, keeping mum, a blind horse or a foolish deaf bishop. You have to Master your way like a King. I had to use my arts, professionally, for rebellion, to talk about it.”

Fastywexoz008 began with physical plexiglassarts, 1 year ago, in a Belgian’s Gallery  and exhibited digitally, all over the world, via Partner Galleries, in Switzerland, Italy, France, Netherlands, Germany, United Kingdom, Spain, Greece, Turkey, Los Angeles, Miami, New York and even Dubai, through Artboxy and TheHolyArt.

Personal Artworks were done, to win the Titanomachy’s battle.

The Gigantomachy needs either a win, with furious and dazzling strength.

Have been created 2 New NFTCollections, on Eth Blockchains, on Opensea Marketplace;

–  Special Redeemer Collection (personal collection)
–  Big Horus Brother’s Collection (collection of artistic duets, with group of 12)

2 NFTCollections Redeemer EA, Enki, Energetics, Physics, Quantic, Dino Anthropology, Cyborg Gifts of Parapsychology and duos:

Storyteller, Travels, Exhibitions, Associates, NFTS, Images, Sculptures, Videos and Plexiglass Artworks on Social Network: 

Most important is To Read the Metadata/Description, of Each NFT, some containing Clues or Entire detailed Theories, which make them Highly Considerable.

“I prepared a team to work with, from different fields;  drawers, tattooists, sculptors, painters and a young professional singer for NFTAudio. Even video art is coming, and I’ve got a writer for NFTBooks in duo.”

Centralizing Arts, takes on its full meaning, in the Great Olympic Ascent.

The Lion has difficulties to become Wellknown, surrounded by Wolves’ pack, but the Holy Grail isn’t so far away! Decentralized New World is coming on his way… Robotics, Transhumanism, Immortality.

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