Design Hurricane, All-in-One Design Specialist Taking the Market by Storm

Design Hurricane is a premier all-in-one design subscription service with unlimited design requests in one subscription, famed for consistently delivering on the promise of quality with lightning-fast delivery.

Designing success is the substance of what Design Hurricane is about. Boasting an extensively diverse portfolio, a comprehensive suite of services, and years of industry experience, this subscription service has concocted a perfect storm business owners were looking for. 

Instead of charging per project, Design Hurricane charges a single, flat monthly fee; this way, the clients always know how much they’re paying for and each project receives undivided attention.  

Design Hurricane mainly works with post-funding startups, helping them flourish by providing an eclectic suite of design-based services. 

From SaaS and wireframes to billboards, mobile apps, email graphics and resumes to slide decks, business cards, webflow, graphic design, UI/UX landing pages, and entire websites, the scope of design services Design Hurricane provides encapsulates its commitment to excellence. 

This design subscription service was founded to disrupt the current market norms of overly expensive hiring agencies, inconsistent design quality placed by freelancers, and the hassle of recruiting, onboarding, managing, and dearly paying in-house developers. 

A mid-range designer in Europe costs €40 per hour on average, leading to total monthly costs of €6,400 monthly and €76,800 annually. In the US, these costs can double. 

Design Hurricane is owned and helmed by Deividas Umbrasas, a digital design specialist with more than 7 years of immersive design experience, an array of accolades in the field of executive leadership, and a forward-thinking visionary backed with unrivaled technical proficiency.

As one of the most prolific experts in design, Deividas has helped innumerable clients across all compass points bring their visions to life. An artist painting tech masterpieces on a digital canvas, Deividas keeps pushing the envelope in his field and never settles for less than perfection. 

Figure 1: Deividas at Next generation Internet (NGI) event, holding award for Best SSI infrastructure Extension eSSIF-Lab.

An executive leader at heart, a reliable partner at work, Deividas believes in leading by example. He oversaw a number of teams and initiatives as a COO and project manager. Fueled by an unbridled passion for innovation, Deividas stood at the forefront of revolution across the fields of self-sovereign identity and its services, blockchain-based request-to-pay systems, NFTs, and supply chain management systems. 

He leads Design Hurricane with a strategic vision. Meticulous attention to detail is invested into each project this graphic design subscription service is working on where each feature evolves into pure value. 

As Deividas underscored, countless brands and businesses are stuck in a loop of hunting for freelancers while receiving inconsistent results. Those who pursue outsourcing agencies are pushing their profit margins away while startups and SMEs with in-house developers rarely have a chance to save enough money to grow. 

Design Hurricane was born from a vision to establish the new gold standard – one with flat monthly fees, a full satisfaction guarantee via unlimited graphic design services, and invariable top-tier quality at all times. 

“Design Hurricane replaces the unpredictability of freelancers and the high costs of agencies with a flat monthly fee. Your vision fuels our hurricane. Together, we’ll create a digital transformation that revolutionizes your business,” Deividas said. 

A customer-centric approach backed by decades of combined experience make Design Hurricane uniquely poised to accept projects that would dissuade most designer teams. Even though this benefit is among the most coveted perks of working with this company, the true Design Hurricane advantage lies in unlimited revision requests each client is granted upon joining this subscription based design services. 

Clients are not only allowed but actively encouraged to share as many ideas and submit as many requests as they need. Deividas believes that the key to generating value stems from meaningful, lasting relationships with clients, open collaboration, and understanding. 

In that spirit, Design Hurricane holds regular brand strategy and weekly meetings where ideas are brainstormed, discussed, refined, and converted into actionable goals. Trello, a web-based list-making app is used to enable clients to submit their requests, which are later integrated with Jira, resulting in a fully-automated process.

Figure 2: Design Hurricane Trello requests demo board.

Understanding that Design Hurricane is bringing numerous “firsts” in the web design industry, Deividas Umbrasas encourages clients to book a free discovery call. More information about Design Hurricane is available on the company’s official website.

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