Toilet Training Book Offering a Practicable and Empathetic Step-by-Step Guide to Teaching Children How to Use the Toilet


Teaching children at their developmental milestones how to use the toilet can pose a challenge. Toilet Training in Less than One Day, authored by Nathan Azrin, offers parents a transformative and revolutionary approach to toilet training. This book, written based on years of experience and research, promises to successfully empower parents to grasp the nuts and bolts of potty training. The training does not have to go beyond a day. It only takes a couple of hours.

Toilet Training in Less than One Day presents innovative and modernized guidelines for toilet training. Unlike the traditional method of toilet training, which can be tedious and insufferable, the approaches advocated by the author are stress-free, efficient, and reliable. The principles laid out in the book are guaranteed to enable parents to save time and motivate their wards to cooperate voluntarily in getting the hang of how to use the toilet.

The instructions outlined in the book are easy to follow and practicable. They are consistent, motivate, and support the child throughout the potty training process.

The wealth of potty training information covered by Toilet Training in Less than One Day includes:

 •  Training Reinforcement: Step-by-step instructions that enable parents to navigate their child from the pre-training stage through to the potty training process.

 • Modernized Training Techniques: revolutionary potty training tactics that help parents unlock their child’s sense of independence and accomplishment through the potty training process.

 • Uninterrupted Training: Supply lists and reminder sheets to motivate parents to remain consistent and persistent to help their child learn how to use the toilet even in the face of challenges and setbacks.

 • Training Tips: Provides parents with effective tips for preparing their child for the toilet training process.

Reviews of the book have been glowing and overwhelmingly positive, as parents acknowledge that the training tips it outlines are practical, supportive, and effective. “It does not involve “brainwashing” or “shaming” the child. To the contrary, it made my child feel really proud of himself and really helped with my parenting because the book taught me how to get my child to be more cooperative in all kinds of situations,” says S. Thompson.

Toilet Training in Less than One Day is available for purchase in digital format on Amazon. Grab a copy and get all the guides you need to make your child’s potty training a rewarding and successful experience.

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Nathan H. Azrin, PhD (1930–2013), was a leading authority on the psychology of learning. He received his Ph.D. from Harvard University, was a research associate at the Boston University School of Medicine, and was a lecturer at Harvard’s Psychology Department. He published more than 100 studies in the fields of learning and psychological treatment.

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