African Love and the City of Brotherly Love: A Tale of Adventure

“Gangee – A Love Story” is a captivating work of fiction that takes inspiration from real historical events related to the city of Philadelphia. It offers a diverse and heroic version of Romeo and Juliet, where the main characters fight for their love instead of giving up to the pressures against them. The story is set in early Africa, where two tribes are locked in a generational feud, fighting for revenge and survival as their land and resources dwindle.

Amidst this turmoil, a young couple finds themselves defending their love against all odds. The story is a beautiful portrayal of the power of love and the human spirit to overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles. The idea for this story was born from the historic events of August 1800, when a naval ship called USS Ganges captured two illegal U.S. slave ships, Phebe and Prudent, off the coast of Cuba. After a spectacular rescue, both ships were brought to the port of Philadelphia because of the city’s well-known anti-slavery sentiments.

Families that had once been torn apart and stolen from Africa were reunited in America as free citizens. The survivors took the surname of Ganges and were taken in by abolitionist families across the state of Pennsylvania. From that historic seed of inspiration, the idea for a fictional story about an unbreakable love that overcomes the greatest of obstacles was born.Rah Crawford, the writer of “Gangee – A Love Story,” hopes that his work will inspire future generations with a reminder that love can overcome the greatest of obstacles.

There are plans for multiple adaptations of the screenplay which includes a live action feature, animated feature, and an opera. Mr. Crawford has also committed to donate a percentage of the profits from the screenplay to support arts and cultural initiatives that promote the human spirit.If you’re interested in learning more about the historical events that inspired this story, you can visit, a blog by Michael Kearney, or The Lazaretto, a blog by David S. Barnes, Associate Professor at the University of Pennsylvania.

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