Enhanced Privacy for Bitcoin Users: Tumbler.io Introduces Advanced Mixing Technology

Using Bitcoin carries not only profits, but also significant privacy risks. Especially if the user is constantly engaged in trading the first cryptocurrency and carries out regular transactions with it. Such wallets attract the attention of scammers. Therefore, it is extremely important to ensure your own safety.

Why the Bitcoin Blockchain is Not Safe for the User 

Recently, the first cryptocurrency has increased significantly in price. She had already been a tasty prey for scammers, and now even more so. After all, the cost of one BTC is more than 70 thousand dollars.

However, many users believe that since there are no names or links to personal or confidential data in the blockchain, they are completely safe. In reality, finding out the identity of the owner of the wallet that the scammer is interested in is not so difficult.

We all leave digital traces both on the Internet itself and on the blockchain: IP addresses, cookies, etc. They are actively used to gain access to the device on which the wallet is located. To do this, the attacker uses the IP address to determine the owner of the wallet and begins to carry out various attacks. As a result, funds are stolen.

Another misconception among users is that if they lose their bitcoins, they will be able to return them. In reality, everything is completely different. Everyone has heard about analytical services; there is even a site for hacking and theft of funds, where you can hire analysts to search for lost bitcoins. However, it is impossible to return them to the user. The amounts on the scale of the same crypto exchanges are quite small. Therefore, no one will do this.

The user must independently ensure his security in the blockchain, since even law enforcement agencies cannot help.

Common Hacker Attacks on Users 

To understand the seriousness of the situation, we will present common tools that are popular among attackers. They allow them to get your bitcoins in a variety of ways that are extremely difficult to protect against. Among them:

1. Phishing: Aimed at obtaining confidential user data in order to gain access to his payment resources, including cryptocurrency wallets. The essence of phishing is to fake popular sites and resources and then promote them to the TOP of search engine results. The user goes to a fake website of a popular service or resource and enters his data. They are sent to the fraudster and used to steal funds and carry out illegal activities.

2. Trojans: An analogy can be drawn with the Trojan Horse. The point is that this malicious program, when it gets onto your device, begins to actively collect all data from it, block the operation of the operating system and destroy or modify its elements.

3. Network worms: Malicious programs that spread over network channels. They hack the device’s security, multiplying their copies and further carrying out malicious effects on the PC, including the theft of confidential data.

4. Encryption viruses: They can also be called ransomware. The bottom line is that they encrypt absolutely all files and programs in order to prevent them from working. After which the viruses begin to extort money from the victim, usually in cryptocurrencies.

In addition, social engineering may be used to manipulate the user into complying with certain conditions or providing sensitive information.

How to Ensure Your Own Security in the Bitcoin Blockchain?

With the constant use of Bitcoin, the address of the cryptocurrency wallet constantly appears in the blockchain registry. It is a kind of record book of all transactions. However, the register is publicly available. Therefore, absolutely any user and outside observer can study all operations on the wallet of interest: where, how many and when the coins were sent. However, this is not the risky point, but the display of the number of unspent coins. In fact, anyone can find out how many coins are left in your wallet.

As a result, an attacker can track your transactions, calculate your digital footprints, and reach you and your device. You must understand that no user is able to withstand a targeted hacker attack, since there are a lot of tools and attackers, ranging from social engineering and extortion to special software. Therefore, it is better not to allow interest from third parties at all. Bitcoin mixer can help with this. Click here to find out details.

If you doubt its effectiveness because you are not sure about the safety of its use, then you can use other tools.


The private network that the VPN app creates allows you to change regional digital footprints. It changes the IP address to another region. How it works? You connect to the VPN and select a location, such as the US or Canada. The main thing is that it is located as far as possible from your actual location. As a result, the IP address will show the new region in which you are supposedly located.

VPNs are often used to gain access to resources that are subject to regional restrictions, for example by a provider. However, it is also great for working with Bitcoin.

It is worth noting that a lot depends on the right choice of VPN. We do not recommend using free or cheap services. Firstly, they are not able to provide the necessary level of safety and protection. Secondly, all confidential information can be transferred to attackers, intentionally or not. You are risking your data by choosing such VPN services. It is also worth noting that they may hide malicious software that will steal all data from your device. As a result, there is a high risk of losing access not only to the cryptocurrency wallet, but also to other payment systems that will be disconnected from your PC or smartphone.

Expensive VPN services work much better in this regard. However, they also carry risks, since in order to pay for their services you will conduct transactions with wallets or bank cards. Losing this data can also harm you financially.

There is also the option to create your own VPN. To do this, you will need a program and a rented server in the country whose IP address you want to get. This will be much cheaper than using paid services. At the same time, the level of security and confidentiality will be significantly higher. Also, one of the advantages is that no one will be able to block your service, unlike large platforms.


You should use the onion browser in any case when working with cryptocurrency. Only it provides reliable protection for your Internet connection, as it encrypts traffic and conducts it through its anonymous channels.

The point is, when creating TOR, the developers took one of the versions of the Mozilla Firefox browser as a basis, adding an anonymous module to it. The creators also launched a network of servers around the world. in completely different parts of it. There are several thousand of them. When launched, the browser connects to three of them, chosen at random. The connection occurs sequentially, and all data is carefully encrypted. Only after this the browser connects to the site you need.

Many Bitcoin mixers make separate versions of their resources so that the user can easily and securely access them from the Tor browser without worrying that the traffic will be intercepted. Bitcoin mixer Tumbler.io also has this version of the site.

Virtual Machine

Also, one of the ways to protect your assets in the Bitcoin blockchain is to use a virtual machine. Also called sandbox. The point is that the user creates a virtual space on his device through a special program. It simulates a full-fledged operating system that is completely closed.

It is worth using a virtual machine to install the main cryptocurrency wallet on which your coins are stored. We also recommend using a few more to conduct transactions. This way you can minimize the risks of tracking your transactions in one wallet.

Please note that only a crypto wallet, TOR browser and VPN can be installed on a virtual machine. There should be no social networks or other programs. Visit exchanges and services through this program. Then you can count on a fairly high level of security.

Such restrictions are needed to minimize the risk of system infection by malware. After all, if you do not download or visit unreliable sites, then the chance of accidental infection becomes minimal.

Best Bitcoin Mixer: why Tumbler.io

You can find a huge number of mixers online. They have their own characteristics, pros and cons. However, it is important to consider several key aspects:

1. Security level.

2. Level of confidentiality.

3. Functionality.

4. Ease of use.

5. Commission size.

Mixing technology and the availability of our own reserves also play an important role. The best Bitcoin mixer Tumbler.io meets absolutely all requirements.

For security, the service provides three levels of protection. It uses tools to counteract analytical programs and services. traffic is carefully encrypted using special technologies.

Privacy is ensured by a complete No-Log policy. The service not only does not require any information about the user, but also does not save digital traces. Everything is deleted within 24 hours. For re-mixing, a Tumbler code is issued, encrypted using cryptography methods. It contains all the data about the user’s transactions in the mixer. However, it is not stored on site. The user is also issued a letter of guarantee. They must be saved by the client himself, since absolutely everything is deleted from the system.

Bitcoin mixer provides a wide range of options and functions. The mixing technology here is hybrid: CoinJoin plus traditional mixing. Due to this, it becomes incredibly difficult to track, as there is confusion both in coins and in addresses. Additionally, you can split the amount in the mixer itself, delay the withdrawal, or transfer it to different addresses. For the latter, it is possible to access up to 10 wallets.

The service has its own reserve of 500 BTC and provides users with a variable commission. The minimum is 0.4%. You can mix from 0.001 BTC. You can read in detail on Tumbler IO reviews here.

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