Al-Batal Eye Center is at the Forefront of Ophthalmic Care in Saudi Arabia +14 Years

In the heart of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, we find the Batal Eye Center, which has been providing exceptional care in ophthalmology and eye surgery for 14 years through highly experienced doctors and the latest advanced technologies in the field of ophthalmology.

In addition to the technologies and the experience of the doctors spanning more than 14 years, the center is distinguished by its focus on providing precise and effective care that meets the needs of each patient.

Dr. Ahmed Batal is not just a passing name in the field of ophthalmology; he is a prominent expert in the treatment of strabismus for children and adults.

He is known for his innovative treatment approach, developing modern surgical techniques that significantly reduce the need for general anesthesia in some cases, thus providing a more comfortable and less stressful experience for patients.

The Batal Center offers comprehensive diagnostic and therapeutic services for the entire family, ranging from routine eye exams to precise surgical procedures, including vision correction surgeries and cosmetic eye surgeries.

From Advanced Technologies to Visionary Expertise: Why Choose Batal Eye Center?

Dr. Ahmed Batal is a distinguished consultant in pediatric and adult strabismus surgery.

The doctor is also known for his great and extensive experience in the latest systems and methods for treating strabismus.

His experience also includes the following:

  • Pediatric and Adult Expertise: 

Dr. Ahmed Batal specializes in adult cases as well as difficult and easy pediatric cases. The doctor provides a distinct and effective treatment plan to treat patients at any stage of life.

  • Innovative Techniques:

At the center, we use the latest advanced methods that allow us to perform complex operations without any problems for the patient and also without general anesthesia for the adult patients, which reduces the risks of anesthesia and improves recovery time.

  • Minimally Invasive Procedures:

We put our effort into performing simple surgical methods to enhance patients’ comfort and safety from any future problems after the operation.

  • Patient-Centered Care:

What distinguishes us at the center is that we believe that each case is a unique story, and not all patients are the same, which makes us focus on each case individually and take care of it personally, which improves the patient’s condition and makes treatment more effective.

  • Enhanced Recovery:

The techniques in our center reduce recovery times for patients after surgery, which helps the patient improve better.

Batal Eye Center – A Legacy of Excellence

Batal Eye Center was established as part of the great renaissance in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the global sector in general, which embodies the country’s commitment to developing health care.  

Batal Eye Center provides comprehensive services, whether diagnostic or therapeutic, for eye diseases.  It serves children and adults alike.  

At the center, we also focus on using the latest innovative technologies to ensure comprehensive and effective solutions for all patients.

Batal Eye Center Expertise:

Batal Eye Center offers a range of services that help treat a wide range of eye diseases.  

We will mention here some of these diseases:

At the center, we use the latest surgical techniques and lens implants that treat a wide range of diseases, which helps restore clear vision.

We provide modern therapeutic techniques to treat excessive pressure inside the eye, whether therapeutic or surgical, which reduces and prevents vision loss.

  • Refractive Correction:

At Batal Center, we provide the latest treatments and procedures such as LASIK and PRK to correct vision problems such as long-sightedness, short-sightedness, and astigmatism. 

  • Treatment of Retinal and Corneal Diseases:

By leveraging the latest advancements in therapy, we prioritize the health of the retina and cornea, effectively managing conditions like macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, and keratoconus to achieve optimal outcomes.

  • Management of Lazy Eye (Amblyopia): 

We implement a comprehensive treatment plan of patchwork, atropine, and vision therapy to improve visual acuity in children and adults.

  • Strabismus Treatment:

Dr. Ahmed Batal is  specialized in correcting strabismus in children and adults while avoiding the use of general anesthesia and thus improving the patient’s physical and psychological condition.

Vision correction technology at  Batal Eye Center

Batal Eye Center is one of the very distinguished institutions in the field of correcting vision problems in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where we are famous for using the latest technologies.  

Among these modern techniques are FemtoLASIK and PRESBYOND Laser.

These techniques guarantee accuracy and effectiveness in correcting vision problems such as presbyopia associated with blindness and many others.

The benefits of these modern technologies are many for the patient, and we will mention some of them here:

  • Enhanced Precision: By leveraging the latest advancements in laser technology, our corrections achieve unparalleled precision.

  • Improved Safety: For patients, treatment options become safer as advanced techniques minimize the likelihood of complications.

  • Faster Recovery: Sooner resumption of daily activities is now possible for patients by contemporary medical procedures.

  • Greater Comfort: By leveraging cutting-edge innovations ultimately leading to a greatly improved experience for the patient.


At Batal Eye Center, we focus on using our soldiers extensively in ophthalmology care and provide all patients with distinguished service in all subspecialties such as the treatment of cataracts, glaucoma, refraction, and retinal and corneal diseases.  

As we mentioned previously, it is distinguished by its use of the latest technologies such as Femto-LASIK and PRESBYOND Laser, which makes the vision correction process safe and effective.  

Looking to the future, we at Batal Center aspire to remain a leader in ophthalmology, use technological advances in ophthalmology, and improve our services to provide the best care for our patients.

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