BOTSHOT Announces 14-Day Free Trial for Hotel PMS Software

California – June 14, 2024 – BOTSHOT, a leading provider of innovative hospitality technology solutions, now launches a 14-day free trial of its top-notch product called “PredictoPMS,” an AI-powered PMS that is set to change the existing landscape of hotel operations.

Operating a hotel can be a laborious task, especially given the many challenges that hotel owners and managers are likely to encounter in today’s demanding hospitality environment.

PredictoPMS aims to address these challenges by leveraging the power of AI to automate and streamline various aspects of hotel management, allowing hoteliers to focus on what matters most – focus on delivering a high level of guest satisfaction.

Expressing his views about the launch, Sourabh Kapoor, Founder & CEO of BOTSHOT, said, “We are delighted to introduce our PMS software’s 14-day free trial, and I am quite sure that once the hoteliers get to experience the features of our PMS software, they will know why it is the best suited for hotel management.”

This initiative will increase the use of technology solutions by hotels seeking to transform their business models and customer experiences in the current hospitality industry.

This means that PredictoPMS is aimed at streamlining the process of managing hotels to improve the efficiency of various tasks related to reservations, overbookings, managing guest profiles, assigning rooms, and handling housekeeping duties from a single-user interface.

This level of personalization not only satisfies the guest but also gives the guest a unique experience and strengthens the bond between hotel businesses and their clients.

It also allows the hotelier to upsell room upgrades and cross-sell additional offerings that deliver high revenues and increased guest satisfaction.

One of the standout features of PredictoPMS is its ability to manage multiple properties with ease. This makes it the perfect solution for hotel chains and groups that may be seeking to work efficiently across different branches.

The unified dashboard allows hoteliers to stay up to date with all the activities that are going on in the hotel since information about the performance level of the hotels, utilization of the resources, and other vital activities can easily be accessed with the help of the dashboard.

PredictoPMS also provides adequate functionalities for reporting and business intelligence. It provides detailed reports of the occupancy rates, revenue, and customers’ preferences for the hotel, which is essential in managing the hotel’s operations.

Moreover, investing in PredictoPMS is a smart move, as this tool helps hospitality experts, executives, managers, and owners of hotels to design their revenue strategies, improve their profitability, and meet their business objectives.

The technical support ensures that hotel managers can optimize the full potential of PredictoPMS and get the best returns for their investment. To learn more about BOTSHOT and avail a 14-day free trial, visit the official Website of BOTSHOT.

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