Congratulations… Sanjia Machine officially becomes a member of China Machine Tool Industry Association

Congratulations to Dezhou Sanjia Machine Manufacturing Co. Ltd. for joining China Machine Tool Industry Association!

China Machine Tool Industry Association (CMTBA), established in March 1988 with the approval of the Ministry of Civil Affairs of the People’s Republic of China, is a national, industrial and non-profit social organization with the legal personality of a social group, with a permanent establishment in Beijing.

China Machine Tool Industry Association takes the manufacturing enterprises of China’s machine tool industry as the main body, and is voluntarily composed of relevant enterprises or enterprise groups, scientific research and design units, colleges and universities. At present, it has more than 1,900 member units in the fields of metal cutting machine tools, metal forming machine tools, foundry machinery, woodworking machine tools, numerical control systems, industrial robots, measuring tools, abrasives, machine tool accessories (including machine tool functional parts), machine tool electrical appliances and other fields. The association has 28 branches and 6 working committees.

China Machine Tool Industry Association to maintain the common interests of the whole industry, service industry development for the purpose, the basic function is to “provide services, reflect demands, standardize behavior”, in the government, domestic and foreign enterprises in the same industry between the role of a bridge, a link, play a role in self-discipline and coordination between enterprises in the same industry in China.

The main tasks of China Machine Tool Industry Association are:

● Investigate and study the current situation and development direction of the machine tool industry, and reflect the requirements of the industry and enterprises to the government;

●  Accept the entrustment of government departments to put forward suggestions on industry development planning and industrial policies;

●  Carry out industry statistics and information management, establish a network of key contact enterprises, and regularly release industry economic operation analysis reports and import and export information;

●  Organize and discuss common hot issues in the industry and carry out industry exchange activities;

●  Promote the implementation of industry technical standards, and provide services for improving the quality and management level of industry products;

●  Accept the entrustment of government departments to undertake the early warning of industrial damage in the machine tool industry;

●  Establish bilateral cooperative relations with overseas industry associations to provide services for industry enterprises to carry out international exchanges and cooperation;

● Through self-discipline, standardize industry behavior and promote fair competition among industry enterprises;

●  Establish new media such as industry websites, WeChat and Weibo, and publish industry newspapers, magazines and special information materials

Sanjia Machine will work together with colleagues in the association to improve design, technology and manufacturing, and provide high-quality Chinese machine tools for global users!

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