AnthuriumPay, a New White Label Cryptocurrency Wallet That Requires Little Technical Knowledge and Financial Expertise

AnthuriumPay, a New White Label Cryptocurrency Wallet That Requires Little Technical Knowledge and Financial Expertise

Zagreb, Croatia – Feb 8, 2022 – The new AnthuriumPay wallet is notable for two reasons: its founders’ financial services expertise, and the cutting-edge technology that makes it function. The new crypto wallet was introduced last fall with the primary goal of providing individuals without bank accounts a means to buy, sell, and manage their crypto on their smartphones with the crypto to fiat conversion.

AnthuriumPay is a non-traditional monetary system and a single commerce platform. It was formed by a group of forward-thinking banking and financial services veterans who have successfully utilized blockchain software and advanced digital technologies in the past. They also have some expertise that many crypto wallet developers lack: a proven track record in safeguarding client data and complying with all US and international laws, as well as an expert level understanding of global security, regulatory, and compliance standards.

AnthuriumPay enables users to buy, sell, trade, manage, convert to fiat-based debit card, and calculate cryptocurrencies in real-time across national boundaries with no extra costs or limitations. The payment options provided by this platform are highly flexible, allowing entrepreneurs and businesses to conduct transactions in the way that best meets their needs. AnthuriumPay’s wallet also addresses one of the most prevalent difficulties affecting crypto wallets when it comes to immediate fiat settlement. AnthuriumPay includes a Fiat Settlement Layer that enables end-consumers to receive direct fiat payments via peer-to-peer transmissions, thus obviating the need for cryptocurrencies.

The service is based on the idea that existing banking systems are antiquated and that leveraging blockchain technology to its fullest potential is the greatest way to meet faster and more affordable payment processing and digital currency issuance. AnthuriumPay is a service that connects customers and vendors by providing them with the tools and security systems necessary to send money abroad at low rates. AnthuriumPay offers a wide range of fundamental capabilities with additional alternatives readily available for sending and receiving payments, converting currencies, and tracking transactions. With over 300 ways to load and off-load funds, supports 85+ currencies, more than 2100 cryptocurrencies accessible, and converts crypto to 28 fiat currencies, it has more than 300 options.

LAM Holdings, AnthuriumPay White Label solution is a crypto-to-fiat white glove solution that enables businesses to leverage not only blockchain technology but also cryptocurrency by providing them with an innovative digital payment product via its white-label offering. The White Label program provides LAM Holdings partners access to advanced digital tools, compliance expertise, virtual card solutions, and they are backed with overall industry-leading knowledge of debit card programs in general. With support across the virtual currency landscape including Bitcoin, Ethereum, ZCash, Litecoin, and a variety of ERC20 standard tokens. The White Label Solution offers businesses that wish to expand their suite of services a powerful but cost-effective E-Wallet with debit card solution for the European market and LATAM marketplace. 

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