Web3-Native Social Protocol Bit islands Releases Beta Product

Bit islands, the web3-native social protocol, announced that it will release a Beta version of its product on 18th July. This will be a limited public test version. Users will need to hold a Genesis Passport NFT to access and experience the product’s features.


Bit islands is the first social protocol that focuses on the web3 native social scenario. Unlike other web3 social products, Bit islands does not choose the path of immigrating web2 social products to web3 space directly. Instead, it focuses on the web3 paradigm, allowing users to build social scenarios through on-chain interactions, meeting their needs in the corresponding scenarios. The underlying web3 social architecture is to give users full control of their own data and data perpetuation, rather than the core functionality. This creates an unprecedented social function experience for users.

The Beta product is an aggregated homepage for web3 users. After connecting wallet and completing simple setups, users can access their profile, which contains their crypto assets and interaction history. This means that instead of logging onto wallet apps, block explorers, NFT marketplaces, and dApps separately. Users merely need to access their personal homepage to view all assets in the address, such as cryptocurrencies and NFTs. Meanwhile, Bit islands also sorts out all web3-native relationships for users, by recording the addresses they have interacted with and presenting them by closeness of relationship for quick and easy access. This is very user-friendly for heavy participants in cryptocurrency and web3. Historical records can show the users’ past records very clearly. The current mainstream wallet apps either have incomplete records or too simple information segments, which are not efficient enough to meet the daily needs of users in crypto field.

In the upcoming plan, dashboard of on-chain data feature will be added to users’ profiles on Bit islands. Unlike other dashboard products, Bit islands shows user data that is structured in an SNS architecture, including

1. One-stop view of all personal assets: including cryptocurrency, NFT, DeFi and others, no more running back and forth between multiple tools.

2. Favorites and address book function: automatically put the dApps that users have interacted with into favorites, and they can be automatically sorted by dApp type, interaction frequency and asset amount, making users’ daily interaction more convenient. And it supports to automatically put the addresses that users have interacted with into the address list and make notes.

3. Reputation system: in the process of using dApps or participating in various DAOs, users can obtain a series of tags reflecting their identity and reputation, including community membership, participation in governance, contributions, amount of tokens, holding duration, etc., based on the behavior of voting, minting and transactions. These tags can be minted as NFTs, which becomes the user’s identity in the crypto community.

Since the product launch will be a limited public test, only holders of Bit islands Genesis Passport NFTs will be able to experience it (of course, we will gradually open access to more users). The total supply of Genesis Passport NFTs will be 2,000 and users can mint 1 NFT per address, starting from 12:00pm UTC, 18th July. Those who have been whitelisted can visit Bit islands’ official website to mint.

The Genesis Passport NFT is not only credential of beta testing, but also a VIP membership to Bit islands, which provides a range of benefits, including displaying the “Passport Holder” tag on user’s profile, the “OG” tag on Discord server. In addition, Bit islands will release an exclusive islander avatar NFT series in the third quarter of 2022, and holders of Passport NFTs will automatically be whitelisted. Moreover, Passport holders will have priority to experience and use the new features for public beta testing, and will be able to participate in various online and offline community events and get access to exclusive islander products.

For those who want to be whitelisted for the Bit islands Genesis Passport NFT, follow the official social media for the latest campaign information. Participate and be ready to get on board!

Official website: https://bi.social

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Bitislands_

Discord: discord.gg/RhRhDjYxuw

Telegram: https://t.me/Bitislands

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