Citizens of Sweden, Switzerland, and many other countries are now able to apply for US Visa Online from their home

The introduction of electronic travel authorization made the Visa application process quick and easy. Now foreign citizens can apply for US Visa Online from their homes without visiting any offices or embassy.

US Visa Online is an electronic travel document that is almost similar to an ordinary papery Visa. The main difference both these Visas is the method of application and the type of Visa obtained. American e-Visa is the best option for all foreign citizens when compared with the normal Visa. It stands at the top when compared with ordinary Visa based on security features, simplicity, speed, etc.

US Visa for Sweden citizens

Sweden citizens can enjoy fast entry using the US Visa Online program. US Visa Online allows Sweden citizens to visit America for short tourism, business-related needs, or transit visits. US e-Visa for Sweden citizens is a long-term multiple entry e-Visa that is valid for all means of arrival like air, sea, and land. Applicants who wish to apply for US e-Visa can visit to fill out the application form, upload necessary documents, pay the application fee, and receive the e-Visa after verification. It is an important thing to remember that, only valid details must be filled in the application form. Applicants can upload the necessary documents directly to the website or by email. Visa application fees can be paid online using online payment options based on the user’s choice.

US Visa for Swiss citizens

All Swiss citizens regardless of their age must possess US Visa to enter America, as it is a mandatory requirement. Swiss citizens can use US Visa Online to make short-duration visits to America from one day to 90 days. Since US Visa Online is valid for two consecutive years, they can visit America repeatedly based on their needs until the Visa validity ends.

To know the complete details of the whole US Visa Online application process applicants can make use of A complete guide for the e-Visa application along with the details of different services offered is also available on this website. 24/7 email support and assistance are provided for those people who are facing any issues or doubts regarding the Visa application. By choosing this online method of Visa application an individual will be able to save their money, as there are no additional bank transaction charges.

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