BK CIANDRE’s Mission A Go Green Pollution Less World with Sustaining Nature by Manufacturing Eco Friendly Furniture

CHINA – July 22, 2022 – BKX Smart Furniture Co., Ltd is a China-based brand that is known as a minimalist furniture manufacturer. This company is the world’s no 1. And the most trusted furniture manufacturing company. Its client circle is widespread all over the globe Guangdong BKX Smart Furniture Co., Ltd participated in the many largest furniture exhibitions, and like every year Guangdong BKX Smart Furniture Co., Ltd became the prime focus of the furniture-based exhibitions. BK CIANDRE is a minimalist furniture manufacturer whose major focus is on the ceramic furniture manufacturing.

Guangdong BKX Smart Furniture Co., Ltd perspective regarding ceramic furniture,

“Furniture made of ceramic is a fashionable and useful substitute for marble furniture. It is strong, heat resistant, and comes in a variety of colours.”

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Bk CIANDRE’ S full name is Guangdong BKX Smart Furniture CO., LTD, CEO Angela named the company name BKX as an abbreviation letter, meaning B is “bo” meaning wide as universes, K is “Kai” means victory and X are Xin means thriving. The aim of the CEO of Bk CIANDRE is to put this concept into the company.  This business is just not a business for them in fact it is far beyond it they treat this like a family which is nourishing with care, honesty and love. Its mission is to spread this positivity around the world through its furniture product. This is the reason BK CIANDRE’s main focus is on providing environmental safety material furniture.

Trust is the foundation of the industry, Bk CIANDRE firmly believes that belief is more important than anything else. BK CIANDRE understands that a furniture enterprise needs to use conscience to create a chain of protection and use our conscience to make good products.

“Bk CIANDRE believes that upward and good is the ultimate way. An enterprise that wants to achieve long-term development needs to always follow the concepts of benevolence, civilization, integrity, and altruism.” 

As we all know during the old era furniture manufacturing companies did not focus on environmental safety, this is the reason, we are now facing global warming. They used wood to make furniture and cutting down trees is the most dangerous factor for our world’s environmental safety. 

BK CIANDRE took steps to make our environment less polluted and introduced “CERAMIC FURNITURE” which is like marble furniture, but this furniture is more stylish durable convenient and environmentally friendly.

Ceramics Products Includes,

  • Ceramic Tables

  • Coffee Tables 

  • Kitchen Cabinets

  • Kitchen Panels 

  • Walk in Closet 

  • Customized Ceramic Doors

  • TV Wall Cabinets

Some qualities of ceramic furniture you must know,

  • Portable and easy to carry

  • More durable than wooden and marble tables

  • Wide range of colours and design

  • Very economical prices as compared to other material furniture

  • Stylish look which gives a luxurious theme

To achieve the desired goal of making this world less polluted BK CIANDRE utilises all possible ways from the collection to the materials and finishes, from the production site to the international showrooms, from digital communication to sales tools, is based on a common ideal of formal quality, created through essentiality, harmony, and precision. BK CIADRE not only participates in its contribution to making the earth less polluted by selling ceramic furniture but also by spreading awareness about environmental safety.

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