Sterilization Measures For Medical Positioning Pad

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What is patient positioning?

Patient positioning refers to the techniques doctors use with their patients to maintain a neutral body alignment. Proper patient positions help to protect the patient from potential problems related to immobility and injuries, and keep the patient safe during procedures, such as in operating rooms or in recovery.

The importance of patient positioning

Proper patient positioning is vital to a safe and effective surgical procedure and mainly depends on the type and length of procedure, devices required, anesthesia access to the patient, and other factors. Moreover, it requires team effort to achieve safe positioning of the patient, and every one of the surgical team plays a significant role in the process and should be responsible for establishing and maintaining the correct medical positions for patients.

Why is medical positioning pad important?

Medical positioning pad is a kind of medical device used for position placement during surgery and has been used in a vast range of OR surgeries and procedures. If you’re not convinced that surgical pads are a necessary addition to your surgical table, then think again! Here are some of the many benefits of surgical pads.

● More than their practical advantages, the position pads make your surgical tables look good.

● When your patients are undergoing surgical procedures, their comfort and safety should be your priority. Surgical positioning pads add a little extra comfort during uncomfortable and even painful procedures.

● Surgical pads can actually improve the stability of patients on the operating table, ensuring optimal safety before, during, and after procedures.

● Promote clear airways, encourage circulation throughout the body, help keep the patient comfortable while confined to a bed, and minimize patient exposure during surgery, etc.

● In addition to benefiting patients, the surgical position pads can also help the medical team. Proper positioning can ensure maximum visibility when needing access to a particular area of the body.

Why should medical positioning pads be sterilized after use?

The operating room is an important department of the hospital, the surgical position pad as a nursing tool in surgery, has to be used in many surgeries. When not being used, sterilize treatment should be conducted so as to control hospital infection. But do you know why should medical positioning pads be sterilized? Here Mofolo Med summarizes three major reasons.

1. Prevent spread of infection in hospitalDisinfection of surgical instruments is the key to control hospital infection in the operating room. Although the surgical positioning pads are made of waterproof material, they should be washed and disinfected after surgery.2. Reduce patient complicationsSurgical position pads are used for different patients in different surgeries and have contact with both medical staff and surgical patients. Timely disinfection treatment can clean up pathogenic bacteria on the hands of patients and medical staff to reduce the complications caused on other patients.3. Help medical staff protect themselvesIn the process of position placement, the hands of medical staff will inevitably come into contact with the medical positioning pad, and sometimes it is necessary to place the surgical position pad with bare hands. Thorough cleaning and disinfection of surgical position pads not only ensures the occupational safety of medical staff, but also rationalizes and improves the management of surgical position pads.Sterilization is an important task in every department in hospitals, and the core task in the operating room is the prevention and control of infection sources. In addition to instruments and dressings that directly contact the skin, there are also instruments that do not directly contact the patient’s skin, such as surgical position pads and mattresses, which are frequently used in the operating room, so sterilization of surgical pads has also become a key task in operating room care.

Disinfection and sterilization measures of surgical position pads

1. After the surgery, body fluids or other contamination should be cleaned up promptly if any. The surgical position pad should be disinfected by wiping with a disinfectant containing chlorine for 30min, and then wiped with water.2. Perform weekly cleaning of surgical position pads with chlorine disinfectant.In addition to the above methods, you can of course use the spray disinfection method, where the liquid is atomized into gas in a special disinfection room. The disinfector should wear a mask and goggles, perform seamless spray using the spray bottle containing chlorine disinfectant to the medical positioning pad until the surface of the pad is evenly covered with chlorine disinfectant, and then wipe clean with water after 30min.Whatever method is employed, the disinfection effect can be achieved. Timely and proper cleaning and disinfection of the surgical position pad can protect surgical patients from contamination by other patients’ body fluids and blood, reduce the chances of patient infection during surgery, ensure the effectiveness of surgical treatment, and reduce the chance of cross-infection.

Types of medical positioning pads Mofolo Med provides

At Mofolo Med, a professional medical company dedicated in development, production and export of advanced medical consumable products, we are proud to offer ten series of quality low-cost medical equipment, mainly including drainage series, respiratory anesthesia series, urinary series, medical catheter series and medical sponge series. Focusing on quality, safety, and value, we partner with reputable medical equipment suppliers and use our strong relationships with renowned equipment manufacturers to equip your healthcare center with the best medical equipment at the best price.Mofolo Med provides a wide range of positioning pads that can be used in different body parts, such as disposable head supports, disposable headrests, disposable slotted headrests, disposable slotted headrests extended, prone headrest positioner pillow, foam ring positioner, disposable donut pad, surgical foam slotted head positioners, disposable foam positioning wedges, disposable convoluted pads, and disposable chest rolls, etc.

How to choose the right foam medical positioning pad?Different types of foams have their uses in a variety of healthcare applications from medical product manufacturing to shipping. But no single foam can cover all applications in the healthcare industry. There are so many types of foam materials and properties, and Mofolo Med can help you choose the right medical-grade foam for surgical position pads. Just contact us and start your project!


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